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The Squaw Valley Mutual Water Company (SVMWC) is a non-stock, non-profit mutual water company formed in 1950 to serve the area consisting of all of Section 29, the West half and the Northeast quarter of Section 28, and the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter and the Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 32; all in Township 16 North, Range 16 East, M.D.B.&M., Placer County, California. See service map at the bottom of this page.

Pursuant to SVMWC’s articles of incorporation and by-laws, SVMWC members are natural or artificial persons who own property lots in SVMWC’s service area. Owners of multiple lots have one membership per lot. The number of memberships is fixed at 280, one for each lot served by SVMWC. Each member has one vote in SVMWC’s affairs that require membership approval.

Pursuant to SVMWC’s by-laws, SVMWC is governed by a board of five directors elected by members to serve two-year terms. Directors must be SVMWC members. The election of directors takes place during the company’s annual membership meeting. Ballots are mailed with the notice announcing the annual meeting. Members who cannot attend an annual meeting may vote by proxy. If a vacancy occurs before an election, the board appoints a director to serve for the remainder of the original term.

The current board of directors and corporate officers are:

  • Director & President: David Stepner – term expires 2025
  • Director & Vice-president: Alexander Lintner – term expires 2024
  • Director & Secretary: Kevin Strange – term expires 2025
  • Director & Treasurer: Richard Koffler – term expires 2025
  • Director: Melanie Arens – term expires 2024

The board meets several times per year. Meeting dates are posted here. Meeting minutes are here.

SVMWC’s governance, financial and operating records are here.

SVMWC has no employees. The board manages SVMWC’s finances, and hires and supervises contractors to manage the company, operate and maintain the water system, control water quality, upgrade the water system’s infrastructure, and meet state and federal regulations. Current contractors include:

Water system operations & maintenance
Operational Technical Services (OTS)
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Office management, accounting, billing
Michael Dobrowski CPA
PO Box 18761, Reno, NV 89511
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