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System infrastructure improvements


Updated January 2022


1950s – Construction of SVMWC’s original water system.

1980s & 90s – Replaced 12% of the system’s deteriorating original asbestos/cement (AC) pipe with PVC pipe.

1986 – Added 8% to the system’s total pipe for the Squaw Summit development.

2005 – Replaced 6% of the original pipe.

2009 – Replaced the old redwood tank with a steel one.


  • Replaced ~2¼ miles of original AC pipe (~43%). Specifically:
    – Moved the water lines behind the homes on Lanny Lane to the street.
    – Replaced pipe in the east half of Sandy Way; the east end of Christy Lane and in Lanny Ln; and Russel Rd, Wayne Rd, and Squaw Valley Rd.
  • Put Apache Ct and Navajo Ct on the upper pressure zone.
  • Installed water meters in every lot as required by the USDA.
  • Installed 25 fire hydrants to meet the fire code.
  • Abandoned Well #2’s pump house and relocated its controls and operation to Well #1’s building.
  • Estimated water conservation: 12 million gallons/year.

Financed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The diagram shows the water system’s infrastructure at the end of 2013
Blue is replaced infrastructure ~75% of the system’s total 5.3 miles of pipe
Red is original ~25% of the system to be replaced


In 2019 SVMWC started planning the renovation and repair of most of the system’s remaining 25% of the original system with financial support by the United States Department of Agriculture. Construction started in 2021 with the replacement of pipe on Sandy Way, which was interrupted by early, heavy snowfall in October 2021. Planned projects for 2022–2023 include finishing Sandy Way’s pipe replacement, building an intertie between Sandy Way and Lanny Way, and replacing pipe on Paiute Pl, Navajo Ct, west end of Christy Ln, and Washoe Dr.  No firm plans exist yet for 2024–2025.

Related improvements have been rehabilitating the two vertical wells and upgrading the system’s electronic monitoring systems.

The engineering work for this project is by Shaw Engineering and, at least for the initial project, construction work is by Rapid Construction (Reno, NV).

Meanwhile, SVMWC maintains the water system funded by its capital replacement cash reserve:

  • 2014 – Upgraded control system (XiO)
  • 2015 – Decommissioned remaining back-lot infrastructure
  • 2017 – Replaced Christy Ln’s water main (Lanny to east Christy connection point; includes intertie to Squaw Valley Rd)
  • 2018 – Rehabilitated the horizontal well
  • 2020 – Installed a backup generator
  • 2021 – Repaired the pipe between the vertical wells after the snow mountain in the parking lot crushed it (repaid by the Alterra Mountain Corp., owner of the parking lot)

Project documents

Status update presented at the annual membership meeting on September 5, 2021


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